Cody by Dan and Bonnie / In loving memory of “CODY”” Love your family forever.. Dad, Mom,Charlie, Daphne, Doug, Sean, Paige, Holly and Larissa”

A JOB TO DO…. I used to be a puppy who really liked play I know you liked it too. We did it every day But as time went on and I had really grew I became a dog that had a job to do. Taking care of mama and all of your kin. It was all up to me Don’t let them “bad guys” in. I took my job seriously and performed it with pride with me on the job they’d be safe inside. You’d come home from work and I knew my job wasn’t through. Cause we were just like a team. Your loyal dog and you. There were cows to feed and plenty chores to do. And I knew that my job was to be with you. Work today was really rough them kids have given me quite enough.

These are secrets you told to me. The rest I have taken along with me. Please don’t cry. For I have passed The job you gave me will always last…RUN through your memories STAY in your hearts. Help you Fetch your Dreams and NEVER STRAY to far BECAUSE YOU LOVED ME AND I LOVED YOU I’M HONOURED YOU GAVE ME A JOB TO DO…


1, Feb 2010
Dan and Bonnie