COLLAR by Rachelle U. / Mom

… a puppy with a black mark in the shape of a paw print on its pink nose–as if another puppy had given it a good kick after dipping its paw in black ink. But as memory can be fickle, I’m writing this to remember that I had a puppy named Collar, because she was a shade of chocolate with a ring of white fur around her neck. I want to remember that I taught her to drink milk from an old butter dish. When she didn’t know how at first, I had dipped my finger into milk and painstakingly fed her. I want to remember that, too, as well as the feel of her toothless mouth around my finger and her warm, Lilliputian tongue on my hand. Lastly, I want to remember that just this morning, I had played with her one last time, and her little heart was still beating.

I’m hoping that I’d be better at being a real mom someday. I’m afraid that Bo just lost his much anticipated chance at teaching Collar that “sandals are not cool items to play with.”


You are missed...
Rachelle U.