Comet by Nick Krivenko / Sydney and Nick

Comet passing

The full moon shone a cold light,
as he came one clear November night
and slipped his mask of last good bye
onto your face –
gently, silently
he showed me
those happy days,
long since gone,
when young and strong,
you were our greatest pride,
powerful your stride –
surprising every time,
you came from far behind
when all seemed lost,
to pass, if only by a nose,
the certain winner then,
and once again
victory was yours to keep;
fierce hunter with a soul so sweet,
your faithful heart unknown,
deep well from which are born
secrets hidden in innocent eyes,
sparkles of wisdom cast
from a Comet flashing past,
descending like magic dust,
charming and enlightening us

Sybille(Sydney)Krivenko 2007 All rights reserved


With all our love,
22, Nov 2007
Nick Krivenko