Cookie by Mama & John

Your life started rather rocky
With a family that didnÆt care
They threw you away like garbage
When they went and left you there.

The first time I saw you
You were in the pound
So tiny cold and frightened
I knew I had to save you.

Only 5 months old and oh so cute
I held you in my arms
You were covered with fleas and dirt
So off we went to be groomed.

You worked your way into our hearts
And soon we called you our own.
We called you our little half pint
Our little blonde girl
Our little ray of sunshine
Our Love.

ItÆs hard to believe you are gone
But what a peaceful ending.
Laying in my arms resting your head
As you took your last breath
And your little heart stopped.

You were an angel and gave us so much.
You blessed our lives with
Love joy and happiness.
You will forever be in
Our hearts and memories.


Mama and John


6, Sept 2000
Mama & John