Cookie was my aunts dog. She was a very good dog.

My aunt lives across the street from me so Cookie always saw me

and was very used to me. She was a black dog with curly hair.

She was so cute. She was also very quiet but could be noisy and wild

if she felt like it. Whenever there was a thunder storm she would go

into the bath tub until it was over.

When I would come over she would get excited and I loved her

so much. Then one day after my aunts hard day at work she was tired

and had to go to bed. She let Cookie outside to go to the bathroom.

She then went to bed. In the morning she couldn’t find Cookie anywhere.

She went outside looking for her and since we live by a busy street

she looked over and saw Cookie there not moving.

She saw that Cookie was dead. We picked her up and buried her.

My aunt blamed herself so much and thought that she wouldn’t be able to

live with her self. She is better now and still misses Cookie.

Now she has 2 other dogs. I know that she loves them but I know that

she will always remember Cookie as long as she lives and so will I.

I miss Cookie so much and if I could turn back time I would

change it to where Cookie could have been inside that night.

I wish she was still alive and I will miss her for as

long as I live too.

I miss you cookie.