Cookie Phillips-May by Brande and Bryan / Dad, Mom, Zack, Heidi, Leo, Tiger and Razcal

To our dear little “Cookie Monster”, We are going to miss your tender heart. You were our sensitive, sweet, good, and loyal little boy. We were lucky to have you for these 6 years. Your untimely and unexpected passing have left a large whole in all of our hearts. But we have the most wonderful memories of our dear little Caifornia Cow. Like how Dad always loved to “cow tip” you; the time I almost flushed your tiny little curious baby kitty body down the toilet; and to the many times you cheered us up or made us laugh just by being you. We don’t know who will keep Momma’s feet warm every night now or who will curl up lovingly on Dad’s chest while he is asleep.

Your brothers already miss you too. Razcal and Leo are sleeping with us more than they ever did. Whether it is from a sense of loss and/or trying to comfort us, your absence has not gone unnoticed by them. But don’t worry, we will comfort each other and try and fill the emptiness in our hearts with memories of your sweet little button nose.

Our faith gives us the peace and the knowledge that you, Rugratt, Pookie, Damien and all our other beloved pet angels are together playing in Heaven. We take comfort that Jesus will take care of you until we are reunited with you there.


With All Our Love,
Cookie Phillips-May
6, Nov 2008
Brande and Bryan