Copper by Frances


" Copper "

March 3 1996 ---- May 2 2000


A Message from Cooper


Do not weep when I am gone,

Fear not that I will be alone.

All the ones who've gone before,

Will hear my scratch upon the door.

They will purr & bark in great delight,

As we run and play in the golden light.

Oh what a great day that will be,

For at that same door one day I'll wait for thee.


By Karen McCrory

~Feb 2000..affectinately called DR Karen~


I Thought


I thought you'd stay near me

that you would never go.

I thought I'd not be lonely

But then you slipped away.

I thought you would not leave

That somehow you could stay.

I ache to feel you close by

And sob you went away.

By Fran

May 6 2000