Oh my darling Courtney
how I miss you so
I never knew such
unconditional love
As you and your brother
have given me though
Now you have departed
to heaven above.

You & Sylvester have been
my angels you see
You came into my life
when I needed you most
We helped each other
through troubled times to be
A little family-
the three of us-and
so very close.

You poor little thing
always nervous and scared
Just like me in a way
so I really understood
But I always let you know
how much I really cared
And you knew
I’d take care of you
the best I could.

I have such special memories
I keep in my mind
From raising you two
as baby kitties in my arms
Making sure I took
good care of you all
of the time
And always making sure
to protect you from harm.

I remember your little habits
and unique little ways
Like playing in the sheets
while I made up the bed
And playing with paper on
Christmas and bags on
grocery days
The way you stood on two feet
while getting rubbed on the head.

Oh my sweetheart
how you especially loved to eat
And let me know
jumping on me
in mornings in bed
I think about the catnip
that was such a special treat
That relaxed you
making you a little sleepyhead.

I was so sad this past year
when you became very ill.
The vets did not really
know what was wrong
We all tried everything-
you got better but still
You kept slipping back
and our worry grew strong.

I stayed at home with you
afraid to leave you there
My poor baby we went
to the vets every other day
Tests x-rays pills-only
put you through them cuz
I care
My darling how I wish there
had been some other way.

I prayed night and day
for God to make you well
As I slept with Sylvester
but you hid under the bed
You were slowly getting
worse over time I could tell
Turns out there was a tumor
growing in your little head.

I gave you water through a dropper
and fed you by hand
I gave you your favorite treats
though you could hardly eat
I held you close talking
to you each available chance
I cleaned you up-you couldn’t
go to the litterbox
or stand on your feet.

At that point I should have
put you out of your misery
But the vets said there was
still hope-just try this
and that
We held on-I tried to keep you
comfortable pain-free
And I tried so desperately
for you not to see me sad.

I started taking you &
your brother outdoors
You had always been
indoor cats but figured I’d try
Letting you experience life
a little bit more
And enjoy the grass and
warm weather under
the pretty blue sky.

I had to carry you out there
and lay you down in the grass
Those moments were so special
watching you enjoy it so
But those moments seemed
to pass by so very fast
Just wish I’d thought of it way
before the time you had to go.

Then it happened
I knew the time was coming soon
Your breathing was labored
I began to really feel the rain
I rushed you to the vet
praying hard that afternoon
You cried for me-
I couldn’t hold you-
afraid to cause you pain.

We had to put you to rest
that night-things were
just too bad
Looking in your eyes
rubbing your head
telling you the pain
would go away
I needed to see you go peacefully
but my heart never felt so sad
I prayed to God to keep
you safe with no more suffering days.

You trusted me when
you trusted no other
you hold a precious place
in my heart
I wouldn’t have made you hold
on so long if I’d known
how it would end
Living on in
our hearts and minds-
we’ll never really be apart
We’ll all be reunited someday
my treasured forever friend.

Dedicated to Courtney
Our Precious Little AngelKitty

From Michele Carlos
Jenna & Sylvester


19, March 2001