Cricket {Suck Suck} by Jeanine

When I took you home from the Vet’s you were so small you were just starting to eat on your own but you were very depressed. I knew you were too early away from your Mom so I tried to find something for you to suck. You decided my ears were the best thing and you got the nickname “suck suck”.

You grew into a beautiful even-tempered smart and docile young cat. I remember how you used to meet my car and ride on the hood up the road to the house. I remember how I used to watch you walk and thought that you reminded me of a possum. I look at the place on the couch where you slept the counter in front of the microwave where you liked to wait for your food and the chair on the front porch that was your favorite and I wonder how such a small body could have taken up so much space in my house and heart. Thank you for sitting with me when I bathed for cuddling with me at night for hair as soft and smooth as silk brown and black beautiful stripes for your quiet and calm demeanor. My ears are almost well now you sucked on them the night before you died. So many times I tried to “wean” you. You never acted ugly just sad and dejected so I almost always gave in. I’m so glad now I let you continue because it kept you a baby my little baby. Sweet Cricket good-bye my little suck-suck. Wait for me with the others at the Rainbow Bridge. I love and miss you and if there is truly a compassionate God we will be reunited soon.

Love Mom


Cricket {Suck Suck}
28, Nov 2000