Cutie Beau by The Wilsons / Mom, Dad, Melissa,
Sarah, Andrea & Michael &

My Precious One:

You are my sunshine, my only sunshine,
You make me happy, when skies are gray,
You’ll never know dear, How much I love you,
Please don’t take my sunshine away.

Unfortunately, that Friday morning you were taken
away from us.

I am so sorry, my baby boy. I started the vaccum
and you ran up the stairs and lay in the hallway shaking with what was most probably an heart attack. I felt your last breath and then you were gone.
I cried and called out your name.

Ever since there has been a dark cloud over our heads. Oh, my darling Beau how we miss you, especially at nights, your warm body next to my side and feet all night. You were the perfect cat and we all love you very much.

Thank you Cutie for being there for us during good and bad times. Listening to your purrs were comforting and soothing. You were a perfect gentleman and so patient too.

Thank you Dear Jesus for giving Beau to us. He has been our company for 13 years. We will miss you dearly. We know that you are in heaven with your Maker, the Creator of all living things and it gives us great comfort. We will see you again one day soon. Goodbye, for now Precious One. Taffy misses you too. She miss cleaning your ears and
eating your food!

When I was in trouble I would run into my room and I would see you, Cutie. I would lay with you and I was happy because you was there with me. You made me happy Cutie and I love you very much…. Michael


Love Forever,
Cutie Beau
23, May 2003
The Wilsons