Was found in a moving truck in 1982;

He passed away from Feline HIV on May 11 1998

The day I first saw you I was about 5 or 6 years old.

You gave me joy for 17 years. You were very special to the family.

I used to be devastated when you would run away but even more

devastated when the doctors diagnosed you with feline HIV.

For about seven years I lived in fear.

Constantly at the doctors different medication water shots under the skin.

I used to cry when I looked at you because you got so frail you

started loosing your fur claws teeth and memory.

Maybe I should have put you out your pain I will never know if keeping

you alive was the right thing to do; it felt right to me.

You used to urinate on me and jump around because of pain but

when I looked at you you were still my baby. No matter how bad off

you got you always attempted to show some type of love to me.

I never saw a cat eat so much Human baby food.

He could not digest other food. I do not know where I am going with this

I loved you so much. I just wish I had made enough money then

maybe the hospital would of worked on you right away.

Maybe none of the doctors would have been pressing the fact that you

were going to die instead preventing you from dying.

Maybe in life this would have been one of the times that I would not

have minded a lie or an attempt on survival or the doctors over dramatizing

the situation to make things better.

Maybe if I were financially stable someone would have saved you.

Or maybe I should have let you pass away peacefully at home

without anyone poking at your little frail body.

Maybe I just loved you too much.

C. Williams