Cypress by Pamela & Richard Weissman / Love,

Mommy and Daddy & Kitty Echo

The Warrior that Walks Two Worlds
-Written for mourners everywhere (and in loving remembrance of Cypress) –

I am the warrior that walks two worlds,
One foot firmly planted in grief,
The other in primordial-willed continuance,
Do not think these tears weakness,
The one I mourn gives strength unbounded,
Though I am sleepless – I shall not tire,
Though I seem inconsolable – I will not be defeated,
Now every breath is a testimony to their life,
hopes and dreams.
I am the warrior that walks two worlds,
Honoring my beloved departed with an unyielding commitment to light and truth,
With a passion for life renewed – to transfigure their death,
To make it sacred through my struggling,
To reflect all the love that was, and still is, their essence.
Do not say the Walk is too hard, too long or too lonely,
Awaken to the truth of your victorious warrior,
Awaken to your undefeatable essence… pure light.
– Richard Weissman
(All royalties generated from this poem are hereby donated to “The Rigpa Fellowship” and Sogyal Rinpoche).


We Love and Miss You, Cypress Baby.
17, Feb 2004
Pamela & Richard Weissman