Dahliya by Courtney

You were in my life such a very short time. I watched you as a kitten growing into a beautiful smart gentle little soul. You were so sweet and accepting of everything around you. You were always there during any tough times I may have had and ther were a lot. But when I needed you the most you weren’t there for you were the reason for my heartache and grief.

You were so very sick the last days of your life. Kidney failure took it’s toll on you and I knew the hardest decision but also the easiest decision I had to make was to release you from all the pain and discomfort you felt.
I was there when you took your first breath of life as well as your last. It’s only been a week since you left my life and I miss you more then I can say. I hear your meow almost on a daily basis and I wonder if you are just coming back to let me know you really are doing okay in your new life.
I hope so.
Thank you for being such a special part of my life. I loved you so much and will always love you FOREVER!!

Take care my beautiful little girl.

Love MOMMY {Courtney}


27, October 2000