Dainel (Danny) by Pattie

Danny was the sweetiest dog ever. From the day we got her when I was in the 6th grade until the day I tried to go pick her up from my aunt’s house to find out that she had put her down. Danny was so healthy just had to stay at my aunts until I could find a home since I was away at college. She was put down because aunt needed room for a wedding.

This dog was awesome. I was diganosed with cancer the day after Easter 1998 and from the very first day of my senior year of high school this dog slept with me day in..She lived with my mom. I lived with dad. That spring when I was going in to the doctors trying to find out why I was in pain for so long at a time. She never left my side. The day we had to say good-bye for the hospital was the hardest cause I wanted my doggie next to me. When I was back home and came over to my moms after treatment the dog just stayed right there. After I got home from the hospital I was so sick and throwing up I couldn’t move or say anything. The Danny was there. I tried to pick up a show which I did to get someone into my room. But no one came. Danny started barking and scraching at the door until someone came. Brother came and I was running a 103 temp and couldn’t move. Danny got me help and now I’m better. Just wanted to tell everyone about this wonderful little girl. (dog)

I miss you Danny…wish you were here with me. Thank you for everything you’ve done for me.



Dainel (Danny)
16, December 1999