Daisey May by Cindy Strollo / Your soulmate

It’s been two yrs. since you got sick and you died. I still remember that day and oh how I cried. I rescued you from the cage where you lived your whole life afraid of the the world you shook and you cried. We bonded on site our souls became I Finally I found you my searching was done. You were my crutch in my darkest time. You were there when everyone else didn’t care. You needed no training. You knew just what to do and through each passing day;
oh how our bond grew.

Then one day you stopped eating and hid under the bed. I took you to the vet and won’t forget what he said “what”, I said,”what did you say, my baby is dying, to help her won’t pay???” I thought he was lying; no it couldn’t be true. There had to something more I could do. It took a second opinion and a $5000 bill to see that the vet had been right.

A month an a half later we did all we could but still lost the fight. You died in my arms. Oh how I remember that day. You struggled for air fighting to stay. You died within minutes as you kept gasping for air. I watched hatched helpless just thinking it just wasn’t fair. I’ll never forget you. I miss you so much. What I wouldn’t give to just feel your touch.


Forever lost,
Daisey May
23, Jan 2003
Cindy Strollo