Daisy by mom,dad and lyndsay / Mom, Dad, and Lyndsay

Dear Daisy,

We have had many funny and loving times with you little pup! It was hard having you go, becasuse I have spent so many loving years with you. You will always have a warm fuzzy part in my heart. We will never forget you. You are such a wonderful dog. We could never of asked for a better one. We all hope that you are having a great time up there with Sammy and Grandma! I can just picture all three of you in the big blue chair right now. :-). You will always be our little butterfly. Please visit us in our dreams as often as you can. I just can’t put it into words how much i love you. i can’t wait until I can see you again, and hug you and kiss you. I hope you love the scrapbook I made.
I Love You, Daisy.


With lots of love and kisses,
Aug 2005
mom,dad and lyndsay