Daisy by Mommy / Marina, Andy, Chris and mommy

You were in our lives for such a short time but we fell in love with you the moment we laid eyes on you. You were in a box with a few of your siblings being given away. We tried to walk on by without even stopping to look but that beautiful little face and those amber colored eyes were just begging us to take you. We had never had a black and white cat before but you were so tiny and helpless we couldn’t help ourselves we had to take you home.

You loved being held and your favorite place to sleep was up under my neck. We had another young cat that was just about a year old named Simba. You loved playing with him. You would hide around the corner of the couch and wait for him to walk by then you would leap out and jump on his face. He of course had to grab you and pretend to beat you up. You gave us so much in such a short amount of time.

Two weeks ago I noticed one of your eyes was swollen and thought that you may have made the big guy mad and he bopped you in the eye. I took you to the vet right away and told him what I thought happened to you but he looked at your eye and saw a blood clot. He said you may have gotten bopped but cats sometimes get clots with herpes. I never even knew a cat could get herpes. I got some antibiotics and eye salve. I gave you the medicine and put the salve in both your eyes three times a day. You finished your medicine and started looking a little better but still wanted to sleep a lot and not eat much. You still wanted me to hold you and sleep under my neck.

Tonight when you came walking out of the bedroom you walked so slowly and then layed on your side on the cool floor. You were too young to die. Your were only six months old but you died a few hours ago with your little front paws together as it you were holding on. I am crying now as I try to write this story about you. I still don’t know why but my heart is broken and our lives will never be the same without you. You should have been able to grow up and live a full life. We will never forget you. You are forever in our hearts.


You will be with us always,