Daisy by Sandy Oliverius / Mommy, Daddy, Cheryl and Missy

My Little Daisy May,

God took you home today

I found you asleep
All curled up in bed

With your little blankey
Tucked under your head.

I happened so fast
Yes, it is hard to believe.

But, you were so sick
That this earth you had to leave.

You are now free
To live the way you use to be.

You would wiggle your little stub
When we gave you a good rub.

You would bark at thin air
I am sure you saw something there.

Chipmunks you would chase
U.P.S trucks you would race.

Oh, Little Brown Uncle
You will be missed.

But I know you are happy now
Because Nikki’s face you can now kiss.

Because of this emptiness we feel
We will cry a lot of tears.

But it helps to remember
We were blessed for fourteen years.

Thank you God for giving us our
Our sweet little Dear.


We missy you, Love,
14, Jan 2005
Sandy Oliverius