Daisy Mae by Rocky Sims, Brenda Clary / Rocky

Daisy came to me in January of 1991. Our chihuahua had wandered into the road and was hit by a van and my step-children wanted a playmate. I found Daisy at the shelter. She had been abandoned as a part of a litter and was to be put to sleep the following morning.
She was, according to the vet, 6 weeks old.

She was the “runt” of the litter and sitting, shivering in the back corner of the cage. The poor thing was so dirty and little that she looked like a little rodent. After a bath and some milk, she was so full of life. Daisy quickly adapted and became a part of my family. She was the most loving, sweet baby. Daisy has touched
so many people in her 13 years.

Her health had deteriorated rapidly in the past month and yesterday, the vet told us that her kidneys had failed. She looked
so very miserable and wouldn’t eat.

Daisy’s one trademark was her love of food and to see her unable to eat was terrible. I have never had to make such a decision before and to take her back to the vet for the last time was the most difficult thing I have ever had to do. We stayed with her and took her back home to bury her there. I have walked around here today
picking up her things and just holding them.

My only solace is that God must have a special place for such a wonderful creation. I hope that she is sitting
in my Father’s lap getting her belly rubbed.


I Love you Daisy.
Daisy Mae
Rocky Sims, Brenda Clary