Dakota by Kelly & Jerry Stevens / Daddy, Mommy, Jordan, and Griffin

I remember it like it was yesterday, I was going to get my new license, finally turning 21, and I had to stop at work to get some papers. A lady I worked with had a box of puppies, I took a quick peek, and left, or at least tried. Every time I started to walk away I noticed a little black furball following me, and each time I put him back in the box. Finally after the third time I decided I would play for a little while, and he kept crawling into my lap and would just look at me. It was then I knew I had to take him home.

That was almost 10 years ago, and I had the most wonderful 10 years with that little guy. Cody you are missed. He lived a wonderful life, got into everything as a puppy, and drove me crazy, as he got a little older, he was just the best dog. We taught him to speak to come in and out of the house, and even to drop his toys when he wanted to play so we didn’t have to get slobber over our hand. We had only 10 good years buddy, but they were definitely good.

I will always remember all the good and bad times with you. Camping you would always knock over the beer to get a drink. Always barking at every little noise you heard, all the fur all over the house, I miss all of that, but I know you are in a better place, and no longer in pain. I know we made the right choice. Jordan talks to you all the time, she really doesn’t understand all of it yet. Well until we meet at the Bridge…… We love you and miss you Cody.


Love Always,
25, Oct 2005
Kelly & Jerry Stevens