Oct. 1988 —– Sept. 1999


Dally came into my life very unexpectedly on cold day in January 1989.

I just got into a new relationship with my current partner and was not ready to

take on the responsibility for caring for a new puppy.

Being a pet lover we decided to go into the the local pet store at the mall to

just look at the puppies. Like I said I had no intentions on buying one.

But in one of the cages was the most adorable Dalmatian pup.

She had been with the store for 3 months and still no one had purchased her yet.

I immediately said no I cant have her. I was still living at home with parents

and they would have died if I brought her home.

So I left the store and all night I couldn’t think of anything but her.

The next day I went in and purchased her. Since she had been there so long

the staff had already given her the name “Dally” She was the most energetic puppy.

When I arrived home with her all she did was run and run around the house.

She was so happy to finally have someone to love her.

From the time I brought her home until later that night all she did

was poop all over the place (hence the name DooDoo).

She had became our little DooDoo. Dally was a wonderful dog and I will

always cherish the times we had together. She kept our relationship alive.

Even though I lost her almost six months ago the pain of having to put her

down is still with me today. Dally had developed congenital heart failure at the

age of nine. For two weeks I stayed by her side trying to nurse her back to health.

She was too young to leave me now and I still had promises to fulfill to her.

When the vet told me there was nothing else to do I knew right then my

world had crumbed.

On September the 9th God finally called my little DooDoo

home to be with him.

I sadly miss her.

She still brings tears to my eyes.