Dasher by Danielle / Mummy.

After my three fantail goldfish died a few years back in 2007 I went to the pet shop and bought Rudolph Dasher and Comet not long after I got them Rudolph sadly died. Now I still had Dasher and Comet who were best buddies. I have moved house bringing Dasher and Comet with me. They had been here just over I think it was a month when one day a few weeks back I lifted the lid and found little Dasher floating dead. It was Comet that alerted me to her. She was my best buddy. Comet swam right to where she floated and I scooped her and realised she had died. It broke my heart that day and my heart is still breaking now she was such a good girl. I loved my baby Dasher.
I used to call her Dasher the splasher.


All my love,