Dee-Dee by William Smith / Pop-pop + Kathy

My little Dee Dee,
God took you home today.

It happened so fast
Yes, it’s hard to believe.

But your heart was sick,
You are now free.
To live the way you used to be.

You would wiggle your little stub,
When we would talk to you.

You would bark,
When we ask if you wanted your ball.

You always put the ball under the table,
or else in Pop’s shoe.

You take the ball to the top of the steps, and kicked it down.

You would chase every cat you saw,
And always had to bark at the mailman.

Oh little Pop’s girl,
You will be missed.

Because this emptiness we feel,
We will cry a lot of tears.

But it helps to remember,
We were blessed twelve years.

Thank you God for giving us her,
Our sweet little Dee.

We’ll always love you,
But you will never be forgotten.


Love You Always,
7, June 2007
William Smith