DeeDee Smith by Cindy Smith / Mommy, Daddy, Buster & ZoeAnn, PootPoot & Spotty

My sweet baby girl “DeeDee Smith”
d.o.b. 1.10.98 d.o.d. 9.12.2005

When you came into my life I was so excited to begin a new and wonderful life with you. I had no idea that you would be taken from me so soon.
The first time you had your little attack almost 1 yr. later, I drove like a fool to Dr. Mels clinic. I didn’t think we were going to make it. She worked with you and at that time I found out about your little bad heart, with a hole in it. She gave you a very short time to live, but with her care and my love you pulled thru for 6 years. You had so many more attacks and many trips to Dr. Mels.

DeeDee, you are no longer in pain and now you can rest my sweet baby girl. I miss you so much, DeeDee. I hope you like your place we made for you and your bunbun, and the thunder storms no longer scare you. Your angel will always look over you. Every time I peal a potato I keep watching for you to run around the corner for your tatoe bite; you were so funny and a pig too! Hey girl, have you cought up with that angel bird yet? You ran after the birds almost up until you couldn’t get up and down the steps anymore, but when we set you down you still tried to get you one.

Daddy still tears up at the mention of your name, he walks out to your spot and talks to you too. I bring the girls ZoeAnn, PootPoot and Spotty out to visit you, so they will never forget you. DeeDeeDarlin’ kisses and huggies via angel mail to you forever and ever!


Never to forget and love you forever.
DeeDee Smith
12, Sep 2005
Cindy Smith