Deeds by Patti

You Were a Very Special Friend

It’s my first night
home without you
And things here
just don’t feel right
Today I did the
most difficult thing
To help you end
your beautiful life.

It hasn’t been long
and I miss you so much
In my mind I try
to relive our days
I want to remember your touch
your soft gentle purr
And your kind and
endearing ways.

I don’t think I feel guilt
because I know I did right
But the sorrow and
regrets cut so deep
I feel strange scared
and a little bit lost
So much that I’m afraid
to sleep.

I don’t know how
I will live without you
I was truly blessed
to have you as a friend
You took a piece of me
with you when you left
And I know I’ll never
be the same again.

Right now I’d give
just about anything
To have you back again
at my side
If my love for you
could have kept you young
You would never
have had to die.

We shared so many
years together
Looking back now
it seems so brief
I’m left crying
my broken hearted tears for you
In despair and great
overwhelming grief.

You were a very
special friend to me
I hope you will always know
The hardest choice
I’ve had to make
Was the one to let you go.

Although your Spirit
was unbreakable
Your body eventually
let you down
I remember you looked
up at me frightened
As you lay helplessly
on the ground.

I knew this day would
surely come
Still it seemed to
come so suddenly
I took you in my arms
one last time
Then I had to set you free.

As I held so close
it was so hard to speak
I told you “I love you,”
my little beloved one
I’ll keep a secret place
for you forever in my heart
Now that your earthly time
is done.

I am thankful I was
there for you
And that we got to say goodbye
As I held you tight and
your life drifted away
I think I felt your Spirit fly.

I know how much you needed me
And how much I needed you
As I am left without you
I wonder
“Do cats go to Heaven too?”

I hope you’ll forgive me
for what I have done
I did it because
I love you so
I didn’t want you to be
afraid anymore
That is the reason
I let you go.

It’s so hard to go on
without you
I pray you’ll never
be far away from me
I hope that when it’s
my time to go to Heaven too
You’ll be waiting there
for me.

I know you never
would have left me
If the choice was up to you
But I need to know
if you can hear these words
“Deeds…I’ll forever and
always love you.”

Patti Mike & Morgan


11, Oct 2001