Destiny by Mickey / Dessygirl

This is it my friend. The first time we met me ten and you only three days old. I knew you had to be mine with your all white coat accept for the spot of grey on your but you grew. I grew me with girlfriends and coming home late you were always waiting for me no matter how late you were never mad or never acted up. When the girls left and the friends didn’t come around who was there, only you.

My Destiny, my only true friend and the only girl I loved so much. You were beautiful and treated me so good. I did you so bad but you were always there even though you were a pit. Some said all you could do was fight but you never did until the the day you left, but it’s not like they said. you only fought to save my little girl from the dog every one said.

I should get a shepherd there. He’s a great dog. They’re always good not bad like a pit but only you saved her. not no shepherd you fought not knowing how until those dogs finally were shot. The two shepherds and that Collie. It was just Destiny that you weren’t chained that I left in too big a hurry. I guess you proved it’s not the breed, it’s the owner. Even you had a poor owner but the good and extra time I put in came out when you fulfilled your destiny my good friend. Loving you always your boy, Mickey.


The one I didn't deserve,
3, Apr 2004