Dexter by Meghan / Meghan

You came into my life as quickly as you left. I never expected to meet you that night. I am so thrilled you chose me as your human mommy. You taught me how to trust and love again, as I hope I did for you. You were my special Dexie Girl and I will forever be grateful the night you came into my life. My only regret is that I wish I could have done more to save you. To see you change in personality and health tore me up inside. I knew it was time when you no longer enjoyed, or even realized, you were taking a walk. You were so disoriented and sick. It killed me to see you stare at me with those beautiful brown eyes as if to ask, ‘what is happening to me.’ I wish I knew. The vet says it was old age and your kidneys failing you and that there was nothing that could be done. In a matter of days you went from this vibrant dog to a dog who didn’t know where she was,
staring blankly into walls.

I will love and miss you always, esp. when I am sick and sad, for you always knew and were there for me. Thank-you Dexie Girl for some of the happiest 9 yrs
we got to spend together.


Until we meet again Dexie
27, Feb 2006