Dexter by Melissa, Emilee, Andrew, Don / mommy


Never have I know a more faithful friend than thee
You loved me
I was the apple in your eye
The everlasting sunshine that you loved.

You waited for me to come home
To cuddle you
and to play with that darn ball.

Daddy taught you tricks that amazed all
To sit, play dead, beg and speak
You even played the piano for cheese.

You loved Sonic Cheese sticks
walks in the park
and walks in our neighborhood.

You were a part of me for 11 sweet years and now you will be buried in my heart for the remainder of my living years.

Thank you for showing me what man’s best friend really is,
a furry dog named Dexter.


Our beloved friend we will miss you,
28, July 2004
Melissa, Emilee, Andrew, Don