Dexter Morgan

We got Dexter in April of 2013 at 3 months old. When he cried and shivered as we drove away, for what we assumed was for his canine mama- I cried along with him. The last thing we wanted to do from that moment & on, was to ever make him scared or sad. All he deserved was unconditional love and we were more than ready to provide that furever.
It didnt take long for him to feel at home. Tug of war was one of his favorites and was one of the 1st activities we did with Dexter. We have video of him “humping” his bed as him and daddy played tug on his stuffed toy. Oh, how we laughed! Keep away was one of his favorite ways to release energy and his mischief was so endearing. Speaking of mischief- he knew the best way how to rip an expensive bed to shreads, bite through carpet on the stairs, and naw through window trim like no other! Cant forget how he would escape from the large kennel in the house by bending the gates and tipping the whole thing over! Papa had to use his boy scout skills and reinforce the kennel with rope and carabiners for us.
Dexter LOVED swimming…it was in his Newfie nature! His boisterous barks as we drove down Indian Shores to the lake…he knew exactly where he was going! Dexter would never ever let a visitor in without the happiest greet ever. When we let him, he’d run right out the door to them, even when his legs were not his strongest as he got older. He LOVED people and people certainly loved him. Every single walk someone was always pointing out Dexter, wanting to pet him, ask about him and commenting how awesome he was. A recent visit to the animal hospital, the vet tech came in and said everyone was stopping in his exam room, and he quickly became “the George Clooney of dogs” because he was so handsome and looked so good for his age. These kind of compliments would touch our hearts in ways some wouldnt understand. Dexter loved to chase with his sister Ava when he could, they had such great times and she was attached to him the minute we got her. Infact, if it wasnt for Dexter, i dont think we’d have Ava as she was so scared of new humans. Dexter made her at ease immediately. He loved walks, and sniffs and trees. Fire hydrants, bushes, and parks. He loved driving up to a park…those (again) boisterous barks time after time, really with anywhere we’d stop. Always eager to see who or where we were visiting. Another favorite of Dexters, was the the snow. Oh, how he loved chillin’ in it, eating it, rolling in it. Daddy would say he was making snow angels. Being the big boy he was he certaining loved the cold! Chasing the lazer, camping,… he just had a love for all activities. He was never mean. Although he looked intimidating, he was the most nicest, trusting boy you could ever meet. There was so much more coolness inside Dexter, that we wish everyone could have experienced. All he wanted to do was love and enjoy life. That, Dexter did.


God bless all our fur babies.
Jaime and Russ