Diana Baby Placzek by Anna Placzek / Your mommy, Anna Placzrk

I had this dog since I was 3 or 4 years old and she grew up with me and lived to be 11 yrs old. I am 18 yrs old and i lost my best forever. I had to put her down today because she was very sick and hurting. She was the best friend I could of ask for.

Diana is her name and she loved the winter days. Everyday she would be let out and she would roll all over the deck on the snow until she looked like a snowball. And during the summer days she loved to go for long walks to the park, lie on the deck and roll on the grass, go to the dog park and best of all spend the days with me.

I will miss her very much especially Christmas, her b-days (which is coming up), Easter, Thanksgiving, spending time with her and going for our walks. I will also miss buying her treats, taking her shopping to pet stores and buying her accessories. I am missing her right now and my heart is broken and I don’t think I can go on. When I walk past her favorite spots in the house or her bed, I think I will see her smiling looking up at me following me around the house,
but all I see are empty spots.

Diana I’m so sorry for what I did putting you down. I feel as if I killed you, but I did it to end your pain and suffering. You gave me one last kiss before you left us and we said our good-byes, but this house will always feel empty without you here. I love so much please wait for me at rainbow bridge and till then will see each other and never leave each other again. I sooo sorry.


With extra love,
Diana Baby Placzek
Anna Placzek