Dillon by Carla & Mike

My Friend My Baby.

I remember the look you had
the first day we met
A small little bundle
with eyes I canÆt forget.

I knew as soon as I saw you
you were right for me
An adorable face with
a clear complexion
my what light you gave to me.

Through the years weÆve traveled
many roads for you and me
Some filled with late nights and
music others a life of dreams.

You never seemed to fault me
you always made me whole.
You gave me love
you gave me warmth and in life
you made it whole.

I have loved you like no other and
only time will tell
If I ever love another
may God bless us well.

It will be different
it will be new
But my friend my baby
it will never replace you.

The last day we took a ride
to stop the pain inside
You could no longer walk and
dignity was by the way side.

So as you lied down on your pillow
I saw deep inside
We said our last goodbyes and
gave you kisses and hugs
Upon your last breath
I was so upset…that time had
passed us by so quick I just wept
“So dawn went down today
nothing gold can stay”.

But keep you in my heart forever
You will be my friend
my baby my dog Dillon
until my end is to be.

So do not fear my tears
I will see you again
In the fields of glory
our lives will merge again.
Until then play hard and say
hello to our friends
we love you Dillon and
we will meet again.

Carla & Mike


7, July 2002
Carla & Mike