Dillon by Sharon A. Smith / Mama

I never realized that January of 1988 would change my life forever but that was when the most handsome Sheltie puppy moved into my home and into my heart and soul forever. Your name would be Dillon, which meant faithful one, and you truly lived up to your name. You were supposed to be Melissa’s but you chose me to be your human and what a joy it was.

They say we were joined at the hip but I say heart. We were never separated once I came home from work for you became my shadow, never leaving my side. Each day brought me more happiness that I ever deserved and I cherish so many memories. You were a joy to me beyond measure. What an amazing time we had.

From your puppy days you learned to play soccer, volley ball and with your toys especially your coon. You were so smart. I loved watching you and Mandy play tug-of-war with the stuffed dog you had. You stood your ground and won your share of the time.

The older you got the more majestic you became. You loved your bath and melted when the blow dryer turned on and brush came out for you knew how pretty you would be. I always told you what a handsome boy you were. You loved rides in the car sitting on my lap with you hands folded so sweetly resting on the window. Sometimes you would rest your head on my arm. People would roll down their window and comment on how pretty you were. You had a walk that said “See what a handsome boy I am!” You were always so proud and I do believe you smiled when you had your picture made. I read that Shelties do that.

Rocky taught you to love pancakes and oatmeal before he passed on. You knew when they were prepared and would sit patiently for your share. Rocky taught you so much before he went to heaven. You were always my protector standing strong for all to see. You were small in size but had the heart of a giant and the most amazing eyes that looked right into my soul. We could read each other’s thoughts. No one understood our devotion to one another, but we didn’t care.

Then somehow my baby became a genteel elderly little man and you loved being called my Puppy Boy. Cataracts claimed one eye and blindness the other, then your hearing started to fail but through it all you never left my side ready to protect me at a moment’s notice. At that point I became your protector, a position I cherished because it gave me a chance to protect you.

One morning I held you close, told you I loved you, kissed you goodbye and went to work. Then, at 10:30 got the call I had dreaded but knew would come with your advanced age. My Baby had gone to heaven. God didn’t want you to miss out on anything any more.

The loss has been unbearable but I try to be brave for the others. I know you, Rocky, Fluffy and the rest will be there when we arrive. Mandy misses you so much and Tabby and Harvey are trying so hard to comfort me but it just isn’t the same. I know your spirit is here with me because I heard you scratch the side of my bed that night as if to say, “I’m still here Mama, I haven’t left you.” Then I saw the curtain move where you used to lie. Daddy said it was the air conditioner blowing the curtain but we know don’t we, Baby your right here with me still. When I get up at night I still look for you to be laying at the edge of the curtain so I won’t step on your foot or tail. Mandy sometimes sleeps there now because she misses you as much as I do. Mr. Simmons found your ball under the tree the other day and I haven’t had the heart to move it.

Rest in peace my Baby because God promised us that our pets will live in heaven with us for all the comfort you gave us here and I know you will be there with Rocky and the rest waiting on us when the time comes.


I love you my Puppy Boy,
Sharon A. Smith