Dixie McPartlen by Janet / your family

We all heard the whistle in the distance
So we knew it wouldn’t be long
There would be no sing and dance
For our trusted friend all along.

She was there when my children were young
She was there when my mother in law needed a friend
On this day only angels sung
True and loyal until the very end.

The whistle is getting louder and the day has come
Our precious friend will again be free
Tears rolling down no idea where their from
The whistle is clear now you see.

She has heard the sound
Though she is putting up a brave fight
She knows now she is heaven bound
For she will be safe later tonight.

The pain I feel as I look into her eyes
Knowing my family will never be the same
Knowing soon its time for goodbyes
Getting chills as we speak her name.

I look at her hoping to find
Something different in her way
Just something to ease my mind
But she has nothing to say

She looks at me as if to say
I’ll be ok our master is calling me home
I must be going on my way
My master is calling me home.

As she lies barely awake
She tells me in her own special way
Its ok I’m tired now my soul he must take
There is nothing left to say.

I need to do what is best for her now
For our friend is ready to go
I’ll meet up with you again I vow
As I walk away with my head down low.


Always with love,
Dixie McPartlen
11, March 2005