Dollie by Richard Cothran / Daddy

From Daddy To Dollie:
A Remembrance

The days are long and lonesome now
As I travel lifes roads all alone.
It seems as if I’m null and void
Without you, my best friend along.

We traveled as a pair, you and I,
Yes, we went everywhere together.
It mattered not the time of day
Nor come inclement weather.

We loved to go outside and walk
And to ride in our “big ol’ truck.”
To see the joy it’d bring to you
You’d think that you’d had the best luck.

But the joy that it gave you could never compare,
To the pleasure that I felt inside.
Just knowing that I had the one I love most
Traveling closely by my side.

Sometimes now I just want to give up
And just sit in the house and die.
The feeling of lonleness is so intense
A river for you daily I cry.

But I must carry on and live out my life
I know that you’d want it that way.
You’d tell me “Now daddy, listen to me,
And hear what I have to say.”

“We’ve walked together, you and I,
And we did all those crazy fun things
We had each other for thirteen years
And we never traveled around in rings.”

“It was always something special we did
Not the same old things everyday.
But if we did I’d have to say
We did it in another fun way.”

“You gave me happiness, you made me smile
And I had the best life in the world.
Just knowing that you were my daddy,
And I was your little girl.”

“But daddy I’d traveled as far as I could,
And may I say that the walk it was grand.
But The Lord, He called me to come on home
And live in His eternal land.”

“Daddy, remember what you would always said
That His way is always the best?
And now that I’m gone I’m sure that it will
Put your strong faith to the test.”

“We were loaned to each other to walk side by side
And we were never promised tomorrow
We were never promised all the good times
And surely not the sorrow.”

“So do me a favor please daddy, if you will
And weigh the good and the bad out.
And see if you don’t see it as I do
There’s nothing to cry about.”

“Just always keep me in your thoughts,
And remember the great times that we had.
Why, shoot, daddy you won’t even have time
To even remember why you were sad.”

“I’m sorry I’ve got to go now daddy
Seems The Lord is calling me there.
“Come on Dollie, let’s you and me make
A place for you and your daddy to share”

“I’ll be right here waiting for you daddy,
And just as soon as you get home,
You know I’ll be leaping up in your arms
Never more to roam.”

So I’ll carry on with a smile on my face
And I’ll praise The Lord all the day through
Just knowing that my eternal days
Will begin when I see you.


With Respect, Honor, And Love,
22, June 2007
Richard Cothran