Dolly by Doe


" Dolly "

April 16 1987 ------ Dec. 26 1998

Toy Poodle

Our Little "Dolly"


She was just a little dog

Oh how I loved her so,

That is why I keep her in my heart

everywhere I go.


She came to us one summer

as our son took a wife,

She filled the empty space

and became the joy of our life.


She passed away last week

but I see her everywhere,

On the hearth fast asleep

or stretched out by my chair.


She fetched our daily paper

and brought it to our feet,

I can still feel her gentle nudge

saying "Where's my treat?"


She knew her toys by name

She could race and fetch a ball,

She never wandered far away

and always came at our call.


If there's "golden streets in heaven

and no crying there,"

I hope to see my Dolly lying by my chair.

- Doe