Dolly by Jessica Davidson / Jessie

I was in the fourth grade when I got Dolly. She was a stray and the only dog my dad let us keep. She craved attention from the beginning. She was the best dog anyone could ever ask for. She would cry when left alone and jump for joy when we returned home. She continued with this routine for 10 years until we noticed she haven’t been her self. Dolly stopped eating her food but she would eat table scraps but then she stop eating everything completely.

A trip to the vet and we found out she had hepatitis she was admitted to the hospital and put on an IV with blood tests being run every 1 hours. first tests showed her levels went down which was good. second test her levels went back up but not as high as they were when admitted. the doctor stated it could be just a bump in the road and asked if I wanted to have a ultrasound done to make sure her liver was ok.

The ultrasound was performed and the results weren’t good. The doctor stated a possible cancer in her liver covering a great amount of tissue. We went to go visit her in the hospital as soon as we put her back in the cage she started crying so I asked the doctor if it was ok to bring her home he gave the OK and said if she vomited again to bring her back. Surely enough she had to readmit her. We got the number to a specialist and her appointment would have been tomorrow. Sadly she passed away. Away from her family, in the hospital.
A piece of me is missing now.


Your truly missed Dolly !!!!!!!!!
Jessica Davidson