Dolly by Melissa & Luanne Mizera / Melissa, Mom, Dad, Max & Rusty

Our daughter Melissa wanted a greyhound, and we were living with my grandparents, which meant she had to get her great grandpa’s permission. Well, he told her she could have one, she is so grateful to him, because she got her first dog at Helen Bank’s second chance for greyhounds. Melissa fell in love with Dolly at first sight. They truly were great companions.

Dolly for all of us was a true blessing, she was a wonderful dog. We will miss the way she would come to you at night to get her back rubbed before retiring for the night. Dolly went through a lot in the 10 years that we had her. She survived a brutal attack from a pit-bull while Melissa was out walking her, we thought for sure we were going to loose her. I spent several long months sleeping on the floor with Dolly healing her back to good health. Dolly protected Melissa from that pit-bull and took a good beating.

Dolly never went for walks again, she never felt safe around other dogs, we loved her anyway, she was fine as long as she was around her own surroundings, she loved to play, she loved to run but that too became limited at the end. Dolly had several seizures, a mild stroke, an enlarged heart from all the medicine that she had to have after the attack, she survived all of that and still went on strong until last October when her her legs quit she could not stand or walk, her mind was still there and she looked at us as to say you saved me twice, which made it very difficult to put her to rest.

We will never forget that look, but know in our hearts that it was the right thing to do, we could not watch her suffer that way. Dolly always would give her friend Max a few pieces of her food every morning and every evening, he looked forward to it, he mourned her really bad, he was so lost without her, thank goodness Melissa got another greyhound just before Dolly pasted on, because I think we would have lost Max as well, happy to say he is doing well now.

I think Dolly knew it was her time to go and the Lord got Melissa another one to ease the pain of the lose of Dolly, we’ll never forget her, she was our first greyhound and what love she brought to us all. Dolly was a real hero and a real trooper. Dolly is now with Woody who we lost in 2004, he was our second greyhound and they were together for 9 years, and now they are together once again. We will miss them always, they will live on in our hearts forever. Love ya guys.


Love Always,
Melissa & Luanne Mizera