Dolly by Mommy and Daddy / Mommy & Daddy

I was working at a friend’s house when he told me his neighbor’s dog had puppies. They were all Chow Chow pups some Cinnamon and some Black. She was the runt, and she was the first pup my eyes were drawn to. Once I picked her up I didn’t put her down until I got home. We were having trouble naming her. Then I took her to my mom’s beauty shop and showed her off. All of my mom’s customers commented on what a “Doll” she was. From there the name stuck Dolly. She was our little snow bunny. She loved the first snow. She would wait, not so patiently, by the back door. Once we let her out she’d run down the back steps into the yard, and bury her face in the snow. Then she’d dig herself a little burrow and lay down for a while.

Every snow is a little sadder now that she can’t enjoy it with us. We had good times and bad, but weathered it all together. Then last fall she started to fail. She couldn’t move her back legs and she started to get worse. After a few trips to our vet and a specialist we made the choice to let her go back to heaven.

Not a day goes by that I don’t miss my baby girl and want her back. We love her will all of our heart, and while we know she watches over us, it’s not the same. That beautiful furry angel that we had for 15 incredible years, just gone. We miss you so much Dolly Girl. We’ll see you again.


With all of our love.
Mommy and Daddy