Dolphin by Jennifer / Jennifer

How do I describe this feeling of sorrow
The pain that will linger far past tomorrow

To me you were more than just a pet
A friend so loyal my favorite one yet

A lifetime together the memories we shared
Nuzzling my chin to show me you cared

Sleeping close by and purring in my ear
Letting me know that I had nothing to fear

But there came a time in you life when our roles were reversed
When I had to help you to cope with the worst

After eighteen short years, your kidneys gave out
And nothing we tried could ease our doubt

You held on strong to the very last day
And showed a strong faith in me that I can never repay

I tried to hold on, I promised not to let go
Until you looked up at me with eyes barely aglow

On the day after my birthday when you were starting to fade
I finally understood and became suddenly afraid

Our last moments together were touching and close
But they were gone in an instant with a quick overdose

And now I have lost what seems to be
The meaning of love what love means to me

It’s your soft soothing purr a laugh and a smile
All these small things that make life worthwhile

Photos and memories are here to remind
Of the happiness and love that you’ve let behind

Although your body’s not here, your spirit remains
To help me through hardships and all of life’s pains

And while I feel lonely and often cry
I know that you’re happy now and your spirit can fly

And finally dear Dolphin, my unbeatable friend
You’ll remain in my heart with a love that won’t end.


Until we meet again,
25, Feb 2005