Dolymite by Marianne / Marianne

My little buddy, Dolymite, died in November of 2002. I never really considered having a rat as a pet, but he quickly won my heart.

My boyfriend brought him home one day, dehydrated and with no fur, due to the bad diet and stress he had been under from the house that my boyfriend had rescued him from. Even though the kids that had him before had abused him, he was still open to people, and was great with little kids. He was even good with our cats! Surprisingly enough, the cats were great with him, as well (Well-once he showed them that he couldn’t be pushed around!)! He had such a sweet temperment, and had so much character!Within a few weeks, he had grown his hair back, and was a fat, happy little guy.

We could tell towards that last month of his life that time was getting short, and I would just sit there petting him and talking to him and telling him I loved him. I was completely heartbroken when he finally died.

I never thought that I could love something so small so much, and am still completely heartbroken that he is gone. We were lucky enough to have him with us for a few good years, and I think (and hope!) we gave him a good life, especially after all he had been through.


I love you little guy, and miss you so much.