Doober’s by Lyndon


" Doober's "

1980 ---- 1998

Tabby Cat

One of a Kind.......

You were always there with a purr and a smile

we went through so much together mile after mile.

Whenever I saw you you meowed just like a tiger

you lived a good life but your time has expired.

You loved sitting behind me in my chair by the computer

now that spot will be empty so long my poor Doobers.

You loved waiting for me to come home and see you,

but now you've gone away and I'm so going to miss you.

You lived a long life so full and endearing

but when I come home now they'll be just a sad empty feeling.

You've gone to a better place now where all gods creatures go

there's birds and flowers there but how I'll miss you so.



I left the Poem in the cats wooden box before I buried him

it seemed like the right thing to do.

I loved him so much I miss him terribly already.

It's so strange not seeing him when I come home,

it'll take sometime I guess before I get over him.