Doodles by Tony


" Doodles "

March 1986 ----- June 4 1999


My Little Champion


There was once a black and white Sheltie

Who devoted her life to loving me.

No she was not of champion quality-

and would have been disqualified by the AKC.

But she was a champion to me.


She was the runt of five litters,

and was picked on by her brothers and sisters.

And when it came to feeding time,

She was always being left behind.


I remember when wife came home one day,

and placed this little puppy on the bed.

Said she lacks the markings and size of a purebred.

And she had the tinniest little head.


If you don't like this - there are three others.

And the rest are of AKC quality she said.

I'll take her back in exchange for another.

But I chose to keep the puppy instead.


No she was not of champion quality.

Nor did she conform to the rules of the AKC.

But she had the most loving personality,

and she will always be the Grand Champion to me.