Dottie by Sabrina / Mommy

The ways I love you:

I remember the day my eyes first met yours. It was the Christmas of 2004. I declared you my child and gave you a birthday, exactly two months before. I told you I’d always love you. My mom is deathly afraid of rodents, I don’t consider you one. But after a year, even my mom loved you. You weren’t just loved by me now but by my whole family. Remember how well I tamed you and how I could hold you for 24 hours and you wouldn’t bite? And when you were young and I held you, and you fell asleep in my hands. You nice fur, soft fur, white with grey spots. You beautiful brown shinny eyes. You were the best Christmas present. And now, I have something to say for those of you that are either scared of hamsters, or just think their gross: Yes, Sometimes hamsters can stink, but that’s only if you DON’T clean it’s cage.

You’re suppose to clean the cage AT LEAST twice a month. And if you scared, it’s afraid to be scared, but just remember their more scared of you then you are on them, the biggest hamster was only 20 cm tall! And if your one of those people that say “No you can’t have a hamster, it’s just going to die in a week and you’ll never get over it!” Yes sometimes that is true. If you don’t feed it daily and give it fresh water or exercise daily. Or if you don’t keep it’s cage clean. Or, even if you don’t pay attention to it then it could die like that. Or, if you don’t keep the hamster clean itself, either use a tooth brush or a really small comb to brush it! Now back to my great life moments with Dottie:
We were ALL broken hearted.

I buried he in the back yard, I place fake flowers in the ground. Once when she got loose I found her in my room behind my dresser sleeping in my clothes! And once while me and my family went camping during May we left my hamster and cat behind with my oldest sister and she took care of them. We took my dog with us to. And Dottie got out and my sister couldn’t find her anywhere that she looked. So she went to the mall and bought a new hamster, and when she took it back to put it in Dottie’s cage there Dottie was running around on the floor. And luckily we had two hamster cages, because we put Dottie in the old one and the new Caramel colored hamster in the other one. And when I came home there was the New cage on the counter and I noticed the new hamster. I asked where Dottie was. So my sister brought the old cage down stairs with Dottie in it! I named the new hamster Caramel and decided to give in to my sister. {Not the one that looked after Dottie} And Caramel’s still alive to this day. As cute as ever.


I love ya, Dottie.