Dottie by Sabrina / Mommy

Dottie, I always have loved you Your little paws that you never chewed You lived a full life For a hamster it’s a life Almost three years of love Why you? Why not me?
But now I see That I love you more Then a new hamster coming in the door Remeber when I sang you Amazing Grace? The eyes on you Face Were filled with joy
You were the best Christmas Present Even though I was ten and I only thought of you as a prestent
At the time Now your my wind chime It’s not nice without you on my window Or in your case, in you cage with windows Why’d you have to get that stroke The week before your special day I made a name pome for you
And here it goes:

D- Daring
O- Occasinal
T- Twitchy
T- Tango {Your faveorite food}
I- Intellegent
E- Ever Loving

You only bit once.But it was just an ounce.Of pain.No pain No Gain


I Love You Way To Much
18, Oct 2007