Dubois Pierre {Poopsy} by Jodi

In Loving Memory of Poopsy

Please do not grieve for me
It is time for me to pass
The gates of Heaven have opened
Freedom from my weak body at last.

Speak to me softly
It’s your voice I longed to hear
You are the only one
that took away my fears.
Thank you for giving me
13 wonderful years.

Forever I hold a special place
In my heart for you
Love and memories are endless
For us both to hold on to.

The gates have opened
for me to go
Your love and comfort
helped me so.
I am in a beautiful place above
And can still look down and
feel your love.

On a clear day look to the sky
You will see my spirit high.
From the heavens above
I can sense your love.
I will forever be in
your precious memories…..

June 25 2002



Dubois Pierre {Poopsy}
25, June 2002