Duchess by Praxilla / Charlene and Chad

Our beloved friend died this morning.

We first found Duchess at the hospital. I am a nurse there and was leaving work, walking down the hallway when this confident cat came strutting up and started meowing to me. I picked her up and went out to wait for my hubby. We already had a couple of cats and he was surprised to see me with another one in my arms. Duchess had an old worn collar on, but no tag or identification. My hubby thought we should let her out on the hospital grounds and hoped she would find her way home or that her owner would find her.

We went out to dinner with a friend and stopped back by the hospital before going home to see if she was still there. I stepped out of the car to look for her, and from the corner of the hospital, behind a long row of shrubs, she came running out to me. I picked her up and she was so happy to see me. We put her in the car with us and were almost home when we still weren’t sure if we should keep her or not. We went back to the hospital again and tried to set her out of the car, but she kept jumping back in. We took Duchess home with us that night
and she slept with me.

That was six years ago. She has slept with me and kept me company every night since. She was my friend and my special kitty, and I’m going to miss her so. Her passing breaks my heart. We love you Duchess and will never forget you. You were my pussy willow and you will never be out of our hearts.


Your Loving Family,