Brindle Boxer

I had a boxer named ” Duco ” and with regret I had to give him up.

I was renting a house at the time when my partner and I fell pregnant.

The house we were in was constantly being renovated and there fore we

couldn’t bring a new born to a mess like that. We looked for about 3 months

until we found somewhere suitable in price and stability.

The big problem I have is I couldn’t have my special friend stay -” Duco “-

with us due to so many people who own real-estate do not allow pets

in/on their rented properties. Although I found a very pleasant place for him to

spend the rest of his life-(hopefully) I still feel guilty and like something is

missing- apart of me. I thought I would be able to cope but it isn’t only

people who’s pet is laid to rest who grieve.

I really miss him so much that sometimes I get up set and resentful towards

my partner because our baby daughter but I know it’s no ones fault and

please don’t think I don’t love my partner and gorgeous baby-girl jade

because I do so very much.

It is just hard to lose your special friend in ANY circumstance.

I have also stared a pet cremation service – A guardian for ” Special Friends ” –

which doesn’t make life easier simply for the reason of every pet especially

dogs I think about ” Duco ” because to me he has passed on even though

he is being well looked after on 5 acres of land (apple orchard).

I spent 6 years with him and I feel if I ever had the chance to gain

another special friend I would be betraying him even more.

I have never felt like this with any of my other pets (I have had quite a

number of pets from cats ‘n’ dogs to fish ‘n’ reptiles.

Maybe because I have never had to let go of any other pet like

I had to with ” Duco ”