Duke Allen


May 25 1998 —- March 31 1999

Great Dane

Our precious Duke,

this tribute has been long overdue for you.

I know that you are watching from heaven and know we love you

and miss you much. But it is time to pay proper tribute to you as

I compose your story and our feelings towards how

you touch our lives.

Duke for me you were the first dog I ever had in my life.

My first dog and big puppy. At two months you were a arm full.

You drew attention to your size and you loving nature.

Your Dada and I took you everywhere and introduced you fondly

to people who stopped us to ask to pet you.

You shared our lives with us and our celebration.

Many times though I; your Mama felt as though I took you for granted.

I apologize my baby. I have always held that heavily

in my heart.

The night you passed away in your sleep I was devastated.

I felt as though I did not properly say “good-bye” or

at least tell you how much you meant to me.

I still today feel that way even though it has been a little over

a year since you passed away.

I can still remember when your Dada and I took you to

Dog Beach so frequently.

The joy I enjoyed seeing you playing with all the other dogs.

The way everyone knew you by name and greeted you so fondly.

You were so kind and gentle even though you were so big.

You were our big gentle giant.

We love you always and know that you are watching

over us everyday.

You are always in our thoughts.

Loving you Forever,

Mama Cecile and Dada Asher


Duke Allen