DUKE by Jessy / Your mama,


To Duke,

Today is March 19, 2004 and in just 2 days it will be your 12th anniversary that you have been gone..When you can into my life it was the darkest hell that I was going through. I was drinking and I just didn’t care of my life or were it was going..

When you became apart of this family, you were only 4 weeks old and you had to be bottle fed. I stopped drinking as I had you. I had something in my life that needed me. I got my life in order and
we grew together…

When you turned 9 you became sick very fast and we had to rush you to the hospital. On March 21, 1992 at 1-06 a.m. you died in my arms.. I could feel your heart stop.. You died of a tumor that took your life.. As your mama I had to help you go home to Jesus.

The next day I planted a tree in your name. My son, I love you and miss you. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of you. You were needed home with Jesus to help all the other scared little puppies that have lost their way. To help them not be so scared of leaving.
I love you, Duke.
I want to say these words to you.

Now I lay me down to sleep. I pray to Jesus my soul to keep. Keep me safe. Keep bad dreams away. Lead me to a new day. I love you.


May you always find the wings
that will always help you fly to the heavens.