Dunkin by Shelby / Shelby

Well I was 6 and i wanted a dog so bad, so daddy took out 2 a farm. When we got there only the runt was left, but I didnt care he was so cute. As I waited for daddy to fill out the forms I played with him. He was so nice and he friendly. Dunkin sat in the back with me as we drove the 2 hours home. He fell asleep in my lap.

When we got home he didn’t want to get out of car so he growled. I knew there was a special bond between us because at that moment that I said Dunkin come here baby he came. When Dunkin was a little older he would pull me in my wagon and on my big wheel.

Some nites in the summer we would play tag. I would chase after him and tag his back and then he would turn around and bump my but to let me know he got me. In the winter when we couldn’t go outside we would play hide-n-seek. I could walk him without a leash and he wouldn’t run after anything.

When he was 6 years old he got a brain tumor. One night he ran away, I panicked. As soon as I found I called the police. They said they would be there soon. It felt like an enternity. Of coures they found him unhurt. One day we were about to leave to go out and he started to seizure, I stood behind my dad and cried. We didn’t go instead we took him to the vet instead. I will never forget that day; he couldn’t even get out of the car. When we got into the office they gave us med. He took it for about a month but he never got better.

My dad decided to take him out of his pain. When I was at school my dad took Dunkin to the vet and they put him to sleep. A few days later we got his ashes, I still have them in my room. The most hardest thing about losing him is realizing he’s not here anymore. Dunkin Von Swanger I love you and always will.


With Love,